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Vanadium 150ml

Vanadium 150ml

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Vanadium is a metal present in reefs all around the world in different states of oxidation. It is an essential element for many marine creatures as it is an enzymatic cofactor, promoting many processes to occur in particular in the metabolism of cells.

This transition metal is extremely important in colouration, growth of coral tissue along other organisms present in the aquarium.

Vanadium gets depleted from the water in our tanks quickly. Therefore, it is important to check its levels through ICP analysis, ensuring adequate levels and stability by dosing Vanadium as needed.

Vanadium concentration in seawater is around 1.8 Âµg/l.

Used in conjunction with a regular testing procedure, allows any reefer to make corrections to Vanadium levels ensuring the levels in their tank water stay within the best range for their friends.

1 ml increases the Vanadium concentration of 100 litres by 6 µg/l.
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