Maintenance on a Reef Aquarium

Daily Feed the fish 
Clean the glass 
Dose KH, calcium, magnesium, and coral food as needed if you don't have a dosing pump. 
Check and top up for evaporation with RO water in your reservoir 
 Weekly 10-20% water change with salt water 
Test your parameters (check out the ranges here) and adjust dosing as necessary. If you can test KH more regularly than this, that's better! 
Empty the skimmer cup 
Use some Reef Roids to give your corals a good feed 
Monthly  Send off an ICP 
Take out and wipe down the skimmer 
Take out the powerheads and soak them in EzeClean mixed with warm water to get any algae off and keep them powerful. 
Every 6 months  Take out all equipment and give it a good clean in EzeClean, check for signs of damage or rust. 
Give your sump a little siphon whilst the equipment is out, and remove any sediment that has accumulated. 
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