About our Reef shop


Yorkshire Reefs is a brand new, state of the art marine aquatics shop in Malton, North Yorkshire. The shop has been designed from the ground up by people with decades of experience in reefkeeping - using information and methods that have been carefully curated over this time. 

We'll be bringing you great quality fish and invertebrates, as well as corals hand picked by us, from the best suppliers the UK has to offer. We'll be focusing on captive bred fish and maricultured corals where possible, and will be opening our own coral aquaculture facility in the near future.

With so much emphasis on great livestock, we've decided to create a sleek, modern showroom downstairs, where corals and fish can be given the emphasis they truly deserve. Upstairs, you'll find all the major brands used by reefkeepers in the country, as well as our dry display tanks. We're so excited to welcome you to the shop and show you what we have to offer.


Meet the team!


I'm a lifelong reefer with 20 years experience in the aquatics industry, working in both retail and with private clients across the country. I'm obsessed with SPS corals, especially Acropora, and love nothing more than chatting with people about how they can make their reef tanks as awesome as possible. I've also had years of experience in aquaculture, and love the processes behind growing and fragging corals.

Favourite thing about working in aquatics: Fragging corals
Least favourite thing about working in aquatics: Floods!



My experience with marine life has predominately been in the wild; I have been studying Manta Rays in the Maldives for over ten years, and helped to develop the first ultrasound scanner that can operate at depths in excess of 30m. Currently, I am working with MUl (Maldives Underwater Initiative) and the Manta Trust to use the scanner to predict spawning in captive corals



I've been working in aquatics for the past five years, but started to delve into reef keeping about three years ago. I've got a 3 foot mixed reef at home, but my favourite project at the moment is my 2.7L pico tank. It's only inhabitants are a Sexy Shrimp and a Bumblebee Shrimp, and I'm happily growing both soft corals and LPS in there. I love chatting to customers, so feel free to ask me your best reefing questions!

Favourite thing about working in aquatics: Unboxing corals
Least favourite thing about working in aquatics: Wet feet!