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Reef Factory Dosing Pump ATO

Reef Factory Dosing Pump ATO

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The Dosing pump ATO is a smart solution from Reef Factory designed for automatically topping up evaporated water in the aquarium. This incredibly precise tool is the result of combining an ultra-accurate pump with liquid level sensors. The Dosing pump ATO detects a drop in water level and automatically replenishes it, helping to maintain the desired salinity and stable parameters. 

Thanks to precise data, monitoring the amount of added water to the system is very easy. The Smart Reef application allows you to set an alarm that informs you about the remaining water in the top-up container. Furthermore, unlike traditional pumps used in automatic top-offs, Reef Factory's solution is rust-free, thanks to the use of a dosing pump.

Key Features:

Precision in water dosing - as little as 0.01 ml
Rust-free assurance
Accurate statistics of water dosed into the aquarium
Information and alarm for the capacity of the RO/DI water top-up container
World-class Smart functionality
Silent operation
Durable tubing for the dosing pump
Easy DIN rail mounting
The pump is one of over 20 Smart devices offered by Reef Factory, allowing you to build the largest system of devices in a single application. 

Smart Features:


Remote management of the device through the Smart Reef app

Statistics on dosed water
Information about the container and an alarm for low water levels
Time-based mode - regular automatic dosing of the specified amount of water
Quick dosing edits and the ability to add an extra dose outside the schedule
Automatic top-up pause from the app
Smart notifications 

Float Switches

Dosing pump ATO is equipped with reliable and trouble-free float switches. This approach provides marine aquarists with the assurance of smooth operation and user convenience. The lower float activates or deactivates water top-up. The upper float will alert in case of excessively high water levels in the sump or aquarium. 

Peristaltic Pumps

Dosing pump ATO operates based on entirely new peristaltic pumps designed to meet the needs of marine aquarists. Their main advantages are high precision, reliability, and silent operation. 

Modern Equipment Mounting

To meet the needs of aquarists, we have improved the method of placing equipment in the cabinet. The latest devices from Reef Factory feature an innovative mounting system based on a DIN rail. This is an incredibly convenient and flexible solution that makes it easier to maintain order in the cabinet.
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