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Modern Reef

Modern Reef 4x 2.5L Set

Modern Reef 4x 2.5L Set

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Contains all essential trace elements found in natural seawater, organic and inorganic micronutrients and amino acids in one product! All you need to maintain a thriving and colourful reef aquarium in a special secret proportional formula. Developed to enhance red, pink, blue, purple and especially yellow/orange pigments and extreme polyp extension in all types of corals. Designed for blue side spectrum reef aquariums for better colour excitation and stimulation, but can be used in all type of reef keeping conditions. With the correct white spectrum and light schedule, this product can increase growth by 2x the normal rate but will also be consumed by approximately 1.5-2x. It'â„¢s a 4 equal parts dosing system by proportional consumption of KH (@ 7.2-8.5dKH) to avoid any overdose. Aiming to make professional and modern reef keeping simple and easy.

You don'â„¢t need to use any product like amino acids, mixed trace elements or any other tagged for coral colouration, polyp extensions or growth. All are included by proportional consumption except solid food. Which will make you save a lot of money and work. Also will help avoid any overdosing.

It does not contain Nitrates (no3) or Phosphates (po4). Can be used with any method to control no3 and po4 in your reef aquarium that you prefer like carbon dosing, bio-pellets, refugium, po4 absorbers etc.

Our Modern Reef All-in-one RKS will adapt to your aquarium setup and not the other way around. It will provide the proportional need of your reef by finding the ideal KH level that should be used in relation to the calcium level. Please refer to 'Dosage' below for more information.

10ml x100 litres will raise 1dKH

Modern Reef All-in-one RKS is ready to use 4-equal parts liquid. Can be dosed by hand but it is recommended to be used using a dosing pump. Especially for SPS dominant reef aquariums. Preferable a dosing pump that can be calibrated with 4 heads.

If your doser has only 3 heads, you can combine one part of kh1 with one part kh2 in one canister or container. In this case, you will have to multiply the combined kh1 and kh2 dosage by 2.

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